Wednesday, May 9, 2012

3 Free Online Eye Examinations

These free online examinations are listed to check your eyes.  This is no way a substitute in consulting your physician.  If you noticed or feel that your vision is not satisfactory upon taking any of these examinations, it's best to see a doctor at once.

1Color Arrangement Test -- Check for Color Blindness


This test will show if you have color blindness.  What you have to do is to drag the colored squares and put it on the box provided in such a way that the first color set on the rectangular box be matched with the most similar from the choices given.

After arranging the colored squares, click on "Show my results."  Click on the "Give me..." to see if you have normal color recognition.

2.  Depth Perception Test -- To check 3-D, stereoscopic, or binocular vision.


This is a scientific method for determining an individual’s depth perception.  It is the ability to estimate the distance of an object viewed.  Numerous brain and eye functions are required for correct depth perception. For an accurate reckoning of depth and distance, both eyes must function in near-perfect tandem.

3. Amsler Grid -- To identify visual field distortion.
Amsler Grid is a diagnostic tool that aids in the detection of visual disturbances caused by changes in the retina, particularly the macula as well as the optic nerve.  In this test, it's best that you download and print the grid and test your eyes following the steps provided.

Again, this online test is not a substitute for a professional examination.  If you noticed some disturbance on your vision and failing this test, it's best to consult your doctor.

Credits to the links I have provided.

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